Binette Schroeder's Well of Stories

NorthSouth Books


Binette Schroeder's Well of Stories / ISBN 9780735844124 / 336-page hardcover, 8.5 x 11 inches -- it's big! -- from NorthSouth Books.

This book is just wonderful. It combines 10 complete books: Lelebum (1972) / Archibald and His Little Red (1970) / Flora's Magic House (1969) / Florian and Tractor Max (1971) / Ratatatam: The Strange Story of a Little Railway Engine (1973) / Crocodile, Crocodile (1975) / The Frog Prince (1989) / Laura (1999) / Sir Lofty & Sir Tubb (2009) / and The Little Magician (2014). It also shows the images (at reduced size) for the books Zebby (1981) and Tuffa (1983).


This beautiful anthology boasts 10 beloved children’s picture books by one of the icons of German illustration--Binette Schroeder.

This artist of fantasy and reality has been working with NordSud and NorthSouth since their inception. A master of her trade, Binette has received numerous awards including the highly regarded German Youth Literature Prize. This indelible collection is being offered in time for her 80th birthday.

"Luminously painted and audaciously imagined, Binette Schroeder's picture books plunge readers headlong into a surrealistic realm of off-beat fairy-tale adventurers and their fantastic escapades. Here are stories as surpassingly strange as the questions young children routinely wonder about, and as big as their dreams."--Leonard S. Marcus

"As a fairy tale collection, this is similar in style to Hans Christian Andersen. As an artwork collection, it mirrors surreal painters like Leonora Carrington. But as a contemporary catalog Binette Schroeder's Well of Stories stands on its own merits." ― New York Journal of Books

Binette Schroeder, born in Hamburg, Germany, is a highly acclaimed illustrator, painter, and portrait photographer. After studying graphic design at a private college in Munich, she attended courses in Basel at the Hochschule für Design. In 1969 she achieved a breakthrough with her very first work, Lupinchen. In 1997 she was awarded the special German Children’s Literature Prize for her life’s work and in 2004 the Grand Prize of the Volkach Academy for Children’s and Young Adult literature. Today she lives near Munich with her husband, Peter Nickl.

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