Loie Hollowell - Plumb Line

Pace Gallery

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197-page book from Pace Gallery / ISBN 9781948701228


Radiant and energetic abstractions of the human figure in the latest works from acclaimed painter Loie Hollowell.

New York-based painter Loie Hollowell (born 1983) has evolved a dynamic vocabulary of dimensionality, color and geometric shape. Abstracting the human figure, Hollowell’s paintings explore the dualities of light, and volume and scale, blurring the lines between the illusory and the real. In particular, her latest body of work explores her relationship to different stages of her pregnancy from conception to birth to motherhood. Nonetheless, subject matter in Hollowell’s work often emerges through phenomenological encounter rather than narrative content, tapping the depth of the artist’s embodied experience.

This catalog for Hollowell's exhibition Plumb Line, an inaugural show at Pace Gallery's new headquarters in New York, features nine large-scale paintings, as well as installation shots, and deploys die-cut colored pages as a compositional element. An essay by Emma Enderby and a conversation between the artist and Elissa Auther contextualize the work, and are complemented by poetry by Iris Cushing.

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